Are You Running Extension Cords Everywhere?

Clean up your Linden, PA area home with electrical services

Does your circuit breaker trip when you plug in an appliance? Maybe you simply don't have enough outlets for your equipment. Action Heating & Air Conditioning LLC can upgrade your system with electrical services in the Linden, PA area.

We can install a new circuit that will give you the dedicated power you need for a specific area of your home. You'll be able to plug in power-hungry appliances like...

Air conditioners
Water heaters

Your house will be more functional and will have a reduced risk of overloaded circuits catching fire. Contact us today to arrange for electrical services in Linden, Pennsylvania or surrounding areas.

Is your electrical system going haywire?

Is your electrical system going haywire?

From flickering lights to a total outage, our electrician can determine the problem with your electrical system. Electricity isn't just a luxury, and we offer 24/7 electrical service calls so you can keep your system working.

Call 570-398-4408 to schedule electrical service calls in Linden, PA or the surrounding area.